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Welcome to our Products and Services area. Wonik Material North America has an increasing array of products and services with a focus on specialty chemicals

Precursor Chemicals for High-Technology Applications

Precursor Chemicals

Our world is driven by technology. Whether it is computers, phones, tablets, renewable energy or energy storage, there is always a need for precursors. Nova-Kem’s core product offering includes precursor chemicals targeted for high-technology applications, especially in the semiconductor space. But, we are not limited to high-tech alone.

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Material Science & Other High-Tech Applications

Specialty Chemicals

Nova-Kem's evolution and story are quite unique. Our predecessor company and new additions of people like internationally recognized scientist, Dr. Marek Boleslawski, put us in a great position of leading the specialty products industry. In fact, we are redefining it.

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Precursor Development Consulting

Consulting Services

Nova-Kem's reputation for excellence extends beyond our own internal production. We enjoy relationships with many companies, including what some would call competitors, and consult in all stages of the development process.

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Rapid Precursor Development™