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Toll Manufacturing & Repackaging

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In addition to our product development and commercial processing activities, Nova-Kem offers bulk services such as toll manufacturing and repackaging.

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Toll processing, also known as toll manufacturing, tolling, toll conversion or custom manufacturing, can be defined as performing a service on a customer's product - for a fee (toll).  

Toll processing companies provide a processing/manufacturing service for other companies and receive a volume-based fee. This is an arrangement in which a company (which has a specialized equipment) processes raw materials or semi-finished goods for another company.  Nova-Kem’s facility has the floor space and bulk holding containers to be able to offer this service and insure that the processes are controlled and traceable. 

This type of situation also applies to the bulk repackaging service.   

Certain companies use specific packaging sizes in their production lines.  In order to get the best pricing for their raw materials, they can purchase this material in bulk containers and send it to our facility for repackaging into the container size that fits their needs.  In so doing, they can utilize their workforce for more important tasks, reduce the raw material costs and save the space that it may take to package and store the material at their facility. Many companies in industries such as: chemical, metals, photographic, paper coatings, ink and paint and ceramics take advantage of toll processing for a variety of reasons.  It can save them capital investment as the toll manufacturer buys the equipment.  It uses none of their floor space, as all the equipment is at the toll manufacturer's site.  Quick turnaround and predictable costs are often sited as reasons to go this way.

Nova-Kem maintains the strictest confidentiality in our relationships and has some of the strongest standards to quality and quality controls.

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