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Specialty Chemicals

Material Science & Other High-Tech Applications

Nova-Kem's evolution and story are quite unique. Our predecessor company and new additions of people like internationally recognized scientist, Dr. Marek Boleslawski, put us in a great position of leading the specialty products industry. In fact, we are redefining it.

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ProChem is the parent company to Nova-Kem. Over the years, there have been a few major discoveries plus a few great relationships formed that have put Nova-Kem in the position of creating an entire industry. Rapid Precursor Development™ is no accident. There is a huge gap in the specialty products industry, and we aim to fill it.

Building on the historical experience and work performed at ProChem, we are perfecting the synthesis and purification of materials for any material science application. These materials would be primarily comprised of inorganic and organometallic chemical compounds.

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Rapid Precursor Development™