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Precursor Development Consulting

Nova-Kem's reputation for excellence extends beyond our own internal production. We enjoy relationships with many companies, including what some would call competitors, and consult in all stages of the development process.

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Nova-Kem produces many materials under exclusive agreements and welcomes opportunities to work closely with scientists in the development of novel materials.  We treat these types of collaboration with the highest degree of confidentiality.  

We have experience in many different fields within the chemical industry.  Nova-Kem tends to focus on semiconductor precursors, high purity inorganic compounds, rare-earth salts, organometallics and OMVPE precursors.  We have a large production facility that gives us many options when it comes to custom synthesis.  Additionally, Nova-Kem’s Rapid Precursor Development™ Center has high-tech production equipment and pilot scale reactors for initial synthesis and development. Our in-house analytical capabilities enable us to get results quickly and let the research and development phase proceed at a much faster pace.  Our experienced chemists look forward to challenges and the interest that is created when starting a new project. 

Nova-Kem is also continuously expanding and extending its level of technical expertise and experience.  We enjoy an uncompromised reputation in product development. 

Our consulting services team is available to assist you throughout all areas in the production cycle. 

Consulting areas include:

  • Working with small companies with limited R&D capabilities that have specific use for a specific specialty chemical.
  • Helping small companies with the scale up phase.
  • Augmenting larger companies who have time constraints or lack specialized equipment for certain R&D or scale up.
  • We look for strategic relationships that are mutually beneficial over the long haul. 

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