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Hexachlorodisilane - Ultra High Purity Grade


  • Product Number: 1962-UHP
  • CAS Number: 13465-77-5


Silicon nitride and Silicon dioxide are some of the most widely used dielectric materials in Si microelectronics processing and can be deposited by CVD and ALD methods. Recent advances in ALD processes are being used to lower the thermal budget for the deposition of Silicon dioxide and Silicon nitride.  There is considerable interest in low-temperature high-quality silicon nitride thin films for gate spacers of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) devices and other barrier layers.  Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) is being recognized as a promising precursor for such ALD processes to be used in high volume manufacturing.

Hexachlorodisilane is a corrosive, water-reactive, colorless liquid that requires extreme care when handling and transporting.

Nova-Kem has developed a patent pending production process to make hexachlorodisilane in higher quantities and with better quality than ever before.  The impurities levels of our product are in the low parts per billion (ppb) and we have achieved purities of greater than 99.99999%. 

Nova-Kem is completing another HCDS expansion of there production and purification capabilities.  This expansion will allow Nova-Kem to deliver over 10 metric tons of HCDS per year.  Additional expansions have already been planned for and will be implemented in response to HCDS demand.


Nova-Kem’s standard HCDS canister is an electropolished 316L 30 liter stainless steel canister with a three valve configuration that meets IATA and DOT requirements.  These canisters can be delivered by air, truck or ocean transportation methods.

For other customer specific applications HCDS can be supplied in properly documented customer-supplied canisters or bubblers.  Nova-Kem will also provide custom bubbler or canister configurations upon request.



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