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Reno Novak

Founder and Chairman

Reno Novak brings an entrepreneurial spirit to his extensive background in chemical synthesis, purification, and manufacturing. 

After starting ProChem, Inc. in 1986, his drive led to the decision in 2004 to acquire a 40,000 square foot chemical plant located in Seward, Illinois that now acts as the home for newly formed Nova-Kem, LLC

The sheer size of the facility opened up opportunities that were not previously available.  One of these opportunities came in the form of Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) production where Mr. Novak led the initiative to develop a proprietary method for producing and purifying this product. This, in turn, led to a multi-million dollar commitment from a supplier in the semiconductor industry.  The resultant success and experience derived from this project were key factors in the decision to spin off Nova-Kem from ProChem and focus in the area of Rapid Precursor Development™.

  • Mr. Novak received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry from Beloit College in 1983.

Rapid Precursor Development™