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Dr. Andrey Korolev

Director of R&D

After receiving a doctorate degree from Wayne State University in 1998 and 3 years of postdoctoral studies (with Prof. R.F. Jordan at The University of Chicago and The University of Iowa, and with Prof. C.H. Winter at Wayne State University) Dr. Korolev transitioned to the Fine Chemicals division of Sigma-Aldrich where he began working with Dr. Marek Boleslawski. Dr. Korolev spent over seven years perfecting small and industrial scale syntheses of high purity materials for application in the electronic industry and began assisting efforts in marketing and promotion of products to clients at major scientific conferences. Before joining Nova-Kem in 2012, Dr. Korolev spent four years as an R&D staff scientist and project manager at Air Liquide’s R&D center in Newark, Delaware (DRTC) where he worked with Dr. Christian Dussarrat. Dr. Korolev has multiple publications in peer reviewed journals, patents and presentations at major scientific conferences.

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