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Visit to University of Texas - Dallas

Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw

Reno Novak, President and CEO, visited University of Texas - Dallas to discuss the research they are doing that is sponsored by Nova-Kem.  This research is conducted by graduate student Abraham Vega and directed by Dr. Yves Chabal as seen in the picture with Mr. Novak.  This research may lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms of specific precursors such as Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) used in the semiconductor industry.


Consulting Services as a Strategic Asset

Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw

When you are managing a range of complex operations, the value of a consultant can be more than necessary, it becomes a strategic asset. Your need for very specific knowledge or augmentation to your staff for a one-time project is top priority.  Sometimes you can find that knowledge in-house, but when the requirements for the project are simply not there, it makes economic sense to look for that help on a one-off basis. 

Consultants can provide expert skill and advice for a particular area of expertise. Even if you can find the expertise in-house, often your staff can't be pulled away from an ongoing project. Calling in a consultant to help temporarily or to see a project through to completion may be the best answer. 

A consultant may also be necessary in order to speed your process along and augment your current staff in order to accelerate the pace of a project. In the case of a specific need for a specialty chemical, a consultant with prior experience may be required - but for only a short period. 

Consultants close the gap

Nova-Kem has established and maintained relationships with many companies (some even considered competitors) in a consultant capacity. We have expertise in many different fields including semiconductor precursors, high-purity, inorganic compounds, rare-earth salts, organometallics and OMVPE precursors. 

Research and development proceed at a rapid pace due to our in-house analytical capabilities allowing for quick results. Our team of chemists has proven success with an aggregated 60+ years experience in R&D, process and production. Our expansive production facility provide many options for custom synthesis. 

Nova-Kem is able to assist you throughout the full-production cycle and engage each collaboration with the highest level of confidentiality. 

Call us today to find out more about our consulting services. (855) 337-8300.

Toll Manufacturing Is Really Key Partnership

Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw

Outsourcing business support has been popular for years now. The primary reasons for outsourcing (expertise and cost efficiency) translate to toll manufacturing and processing as well.  A toll processor can take the project from pilot and go through full-scale production. It is also feasible to simply take over production of an existing process. The reasons and benefits for using a toll manufacturer in each instance are overlapping.

Five Reasons to Consider Toll Manufacturing

The following shortfalls are the primary reasons for entering into a toll manufacturing arrangement.
  • Lack of specialized equipment
  • Insufficient capacity or unsuitable storage
  • Gap in expertise necessary to execute
  • Time to produce is too lengthy
  • Expense to meet regulatory requirements

Read on to discover the many benefits of toll manufacturing...

In addition to cost efficiency, there are many benefits to toll manufacturing. Often sited is the ability of the "toller" to move at a more rapid pace to scale up production. The ability to focus on project at hand and devote expertise and equipment to one area is paramount to achieving timeline goals. Additionally, because of the expertise, the toller is able to produce at a much higher quality and consistency. 

When considering  toll manufacturing, it is wise to consider this arrangement as a partnership. Your partner should be able to offer reliability, expertise and timely deliverables. As with any partnership there to should be trust in the relationship and generally there is a confidentiality agreement between the two parties. 

Toll manufacturing continues to grow in the specialty chemical industry. Proponents say that accelerated time to market, conservation of capital and cost efficiency are their top reasons to enter into a toll processing arrangement. 

We invite you to engage us at Nova-Kem to explore how we can partner with you. (855)337-8300.

Growth in Specialty Chemical Products

Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw

The predicted growth for the specialty chemical industry in emerging regions such as China, Central and South America, as well as Korea and Taiwan is expected to be greater than average for the next 3 to 4 years. Taking a step forward, Nova-Kem is prepared to collaborate with other research groups, whether it be university or industry, to fill the growing need for specialty chemicals. 

Scale Up Processes Perfected

As the electronics industry continues to grow and needs for high-tech applications expand, there will be an even greater demand for the scale up processes that Nova-Kem has perfected. The ability to take discoveries and quickly scale up the materials at the purity level needed for commercial application continues to be a problem in the specialty chemical products industry. ProChem is the parent company to Nova-Kem and building on the historical experience and work performed there, we are perfecting the synthesis and purification of materials for any material science application.

Nov-Kem has proven capable of overcoming that obstacle.  We invite you to engage our services and see how we can bridge the gap between R&D and scale up. Reach us at (855)337-8300.

Introducing Andrey Korolev

Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw


Andrey Korolev Ph.D. has spent the last 21 years gaining the knowledge and experience that will help Nova-Kem secure a position in the high tech materials industry. After  earning diploma degree with honors in Inorganic Chemistry from Moscow State University in Moscow Russia, Dr. Korolev moved to the United States to pursue his doctorate at Wayne State University in the same field of study. Dr. Korolev held two separate postdoctoral research associate positions. The first of which  was with Prof. R.F. Jordan at The University of Chicago and The University of Iowa. Garnering over two years of experience on synthesis of novel cationic alkylaluminum species and their applications in catalytic polymerization of olefins and epoxides and several months with synthesis and characterization of novel aluminum and gallium pyrazolato complexes with Prof. C.H. Winter at Wayne State University.

Transition to a Specialty Chemical Company

After completing his postdoctoral work with Prof. Winter, Dr. Korolev transitioned to an international specialty chemical company where he began working with Dr. Marek Boleslawski. Dr. Korolev spent over seven years perfecting small and industrial scale syntheses of high purity materials for application in the electronic industry. He was able to stream line the process of an existing precursor product that had a very low yield. By utilizing experience and knowledge gained from his doctoral work the process was cut in half, reducing the time to produce and yield was almost doubled. Under the management of Dr.Boleslawski, Dr. Korolev began assisting efforts in marketing and promotion of products to clients at major scientific conferences. 

Dr. Korolev spent the most recent past four years as research and development project coordinator for metal film precursors and low-k precursors project manager with a multinational industrial gas and chemical supply company. 

Nova-Kem's Model for the Future of Precursor Development

At Nova-Kem, Dr. Korolev will be utilizing all of his past experience from the lab to client interface in bringing research to scale up production in rapid precursor development. Understanding market needs, trust and communication with clients are key components at Nova-Kem. As a Group Leader this is an opportunity to participate hands on and share experience and knowledge with his staff. He has seen first hand the industry obstacles in bridging the gap between R&D and Production.

 "There are too many layers and the transfer between is just too long. At Nova-Kem we are able to move at rapid pace as we follow the project from beginning to full production. We not only have the laboratory and the expertise there, we also have the equipment and experience in production." Andrey Korolev Ph.D.

Leader and Coach Dr. Marek Boleslawski

Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw


We begin our introduction of the dream team of course, with the coach. Building cohesive and productive teams is a concept that Dr. Marek Boleslawski is quite familiar with. He has been building dream teams most of his career. Dr. Boleslawski was a visionary in his views on research and how that translated to a marketable product in a teaching  environment. 



About Dr. Boleslawski

Dr. Boleslawski received Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Master of Science, Ph.D. and Doctorate of Science degrees all from Warsaw Technical University, Warsaw Poland, working under the direction of internationally recognized scientist, Professor Stanislaw Pasynkiewicz. It was here at Warsaw Technical University, that he lead his first team to victory where 3 others had failed. As the Head of Pilot Plant Laboratory of Organic and Organometallic Synthesis, Dr. Boleslawski founded the laboratory and created a first of it's kind program which combined three elements: teaching, industrial process R&D and small scale productions. This laboratory eventually became economically self sustaining through this revolutionary approach to learning. Not only did the scientists and students at this university earn degrees and uncover new finding through their research, they also learned how to bring those findings to market. This experience along with a chance opportunity to work with the well know Prof. John J. Eisch at State University of New York at Binghamton, gave direction to rest of Dr. Boleslawski's career. 

He had been fortunate to spend a year working with Prof. Eisch as a Research Associate in the Laboratory of Organometallic and Organic Chemistry at State University of New York in Binghamton during his study for his Doctorate of Science degree. When given the opportunity to return to Prof. Eisch's department and continue work in the Laboratory of Organometallic Chemistry he eagerly accepted. Dr. Boleslawski spent nearly 7 years conducting advanced research in organic and organometallic synthesis at the lab under the direction of Prof. Eisch. As this project was coming to a close, a crucial decision was made, stay in the US and return to teaching here. One of those decisions held and the other, fortunately for the specialty chemical industry was changed. He remained in the United States but never returned to teaching, at least not in a classroom.

Turning Toward the Marketplace

Dr. Boleslawski decided to turn his sites fully on industry. He made the move to Wisconsin and joined an international specialty chemical company, where he carved out a remarkable career building a line of business for the high-tech electric chemical industry. He also continued to put together successful and cohesive teams of scientists working on synthesis of  high purity organometallics and overseeing the group responsible for product, production, purification and packaging. 

After retiring in 2009, Dr. Boleslawski began a consulting company, TFMT, specializing in thin film materials technology with small and medium sized companies in the US, Asia and Europe. Now using the team building skills and vast experience in custom synthesis of high purity organometallics for electronic application, he continues with Nova-Kem as Chief Technical Officer, Director of Product Development. Nova-Kem is poised to make an impact on the high tech industry under the experienced leadership of Dr. Boleslawski and the team that he is assembling today.

"People are the key, machines you can buy. The key point to success is not one person. We are a team, organized with different skills and we can work together. I have been successful because of the people around me." Marek Boleslawski, D.Sc., Ph.D.

Building A Dream Team at Nova-Kem

Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw

nova-kem precurser deam team

Dream teams have traditionally been associated with sports, most notably the U.S. men's Olympic basketball team of 1992. That team was identified as proven, experienced players that knew how to take their past experience and use it for success. They of course, won the gold medal in Barcelona that year and started a string of gold medal wins for the U.S. from that year on. Nova-Kem is proud to introduce to you their emerging Dream Team. 

Leadership in the High-Tech Materials Industry

We are building and organizing some of the best and most forward thinking individuals in the industry. Together this team has well over 50 years combined experience in precursor development for the high-tech industry. This group of scientists have come together to provide the clients at Nova-Kem unparalleled service. They all have an understanding of the challenges faced in the specialty chemical industry from lab research to full scale production. They understand that timing is critical and pace is as important as process. Nova-Kem is creating Rapid Precursor Development™ with these talented individuals. 

We will take the next three articles to introduce you to three of our top scientists. They are Dr. Marek Boleslawski, Dr. Andrey Korolev and Dr. Hima Kumar Ligam. You will get an insiders view of the extensive knowledge and expertise backing up the research, development and path to scale up production for the specialty chemical industry. As always we welcome your comments and invite you engage us personally for more information on how we can partner with you in areas of research and development and scale up to production for your specialty chemical needs.

Successful ALD Conference

Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw

Thanks to all for visiting our Booth at the ALD conference in Dresden, Germany.  It was so nice to meet with the graduate students that we are working with at the University of Texas - Dallas on an Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) study.  Nova-Kem, LLC, has recently initiated a study on characterizing specific precursors targeted for use in the semiconductor industry with Dr. Yves Chabal, head of the Materials Science and Engineering department at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Shown in the photo are graduate students Wilfredo Cabrera and Karla Bernal Ramos meeting with Nova-Kem's Chief Technology Officer Dr. Marek Boleslawski.


Building an Industry in 30 Days

Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw

Ok, well maybe not 30 days, but Rapid Precursor Development™ saves time and money - lots of it. And, there is a buzz in the market today with new precursor development. The question remains on how to get to production scale as quickly as possible. We think that we have an answer. And, we believe that other companies will soon be joining us as the development process evolves from the slow-moving elephant that it is.

rap-id: occurring within a short time

The corporate environment says: 

  • "This is how we have always done it." 
  • "You must get this signed off by four levels of management before you can move on." 
  • "We'll present this to the board at our next quarterly meeting for approval." 

While there is certainly value in continuity, or having a process and a forum for accountability, all of these ways of thinking can be impediments to moving research and development forward in a timely way. When internal process becomes a massive stumbling block to actual delivery, you must look outwardly for a solution. 

pre-cur-sor: chemical that is transformed into another compound; precedes that compound in the synthetic pathway

Recognizing the scale up process as an extension of research and development is a first step toward realizing the importance of RPD. There should be equal importance placed on bench top synthesis and commercial production in order to deliver rapidly and with great quality.

de-vel-op-ment: a significant consequence or event 

The ability to reach that significant consequence or event is paramount. Spinning wheels within the organization after having achieved bench top success is fruitless. It is critical to apply methodologies with traction that allows complete success in the scale up process.  

We are your Precursor to Success

If your company has experienced the "paralysis by analysis" syndrome that is defeating development, please give us a call today to discuss how Nova-Kem can partner with you. 


Posted by Jonathan Hinshaw

We'll be out of the office for a bit in the latter part of June. In fact you will find us in the 10th booth at the international ALD conference in Dresden, Germany.  We are looking forward to hearing from a wealth of technical experts in the field of atomic layer deposition as well as sharing some of our own insights gleaned through the last year.

As a company, Nova-Kem is dedicated to furthering the advancement in technology of precursor development through cooperative work with experts as passionate as we are about the industry. It is an exciting time to see all that is just on the horizon. The ALD conference is an ideal setting to meet others with the same goal and to exponentially grow collaborative partnerships.

So if you are looking for us June 17-20, we'll be in Dresden, Germany at the ALD conference. Be sure and check our future Insights for a rap up of what we heard and saw while in attendance. We hope to see you there as well!

Rapid Precursor Development™