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Nova-Kem Strikes Agreement with Synthex Technologies for Precursor Development

Seward, IL (May, 2012) – Illinois based Rapid Precursor Development™ firm, Nova-Kem, LLC, has entered into a collaborative research and development agreement with Poland based Synthex Technologies for precursor and high tech materials. While this joint effort will focus on precursors for the semi-conductor industry, the collective decision was made to assess any project with high impact potential, regardless of the industry that they serve. “A collaboration with a well established development team such as Synthex goes a long way towards serving our mission to be an internationally recognized name in the area of precursor development,” said Nova-Kem founder and CEO, Reno Novak. “The challenges of working with a European entity are almost totally mitigated by the fact that Nova-Kem’s Director of Development, Dr. Marek Boleslawski, has a long standing relationship with Synthex,” Novak went on to say. “More to the point, members of the Synthex team were personally coached and mentored at a company started by Dr. Boleslawski.”
While Nova-Kem and Synthex plan to develop materials based on their internal market intelligence, they will actively solicit projects from third parties.

About Synthex Technologies 

Synthex Technologies located in Torun, Poland, previously known as Synthex (established in 2009) has primary expertise in the research and development of new synthetic methods of metalloorganic and organic chemicals. Synthex’s dedicated, experienced team has access to state of the art laboratories that facilitate their ability to provide highly innovative custom synthesis of compounds which are not commercially available.

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