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The Vision

Historically, precursor development has suffered from the stagnation point that exists between bench top lab synthesis and commercial scale production. To the layman this does not seem like an issue. 

"If it can be developed in the lab, surely it can be produced in the manufacturing plant - all that is needed are the additional supplies and components."

However, the experienced chemical engineer knows all too well the pitfalls and challenges inherent in scaling up production. The equipment, processes and human talent required to scale up can change drastically. In some cases, the formulation itself may have to be modified. 

Parent company Pro Chem Inc. offered founder and CEO Reno Novak a glimpse into an opportunity that existed for a company that built an infrastructure to fill this gap. This opportunity culminated in the formation of Nova-Kem. A core service of ProChem was to synthesize chemicals to meet more rigid specifications than were readily available. While some of this work was routine, a substantial portion of it required bench top laboratory research and development to design ways of removing impurities that caused problems for their customers. Meeting the client’s product specifications acted as proof of concept to the client to continue to pursue their intended solution, but they were left to themselves to transition the process of production from bench top synthesis to commercial production. 

ProChem’s client base was comprised primarily of larger chemical companies whose internal policies and procedures tended to impede the speed of scale-up and commercialization. Couple this with the inherent bureaucracy and red tape intrinsic in most large firms, and you get the vacuum or the stagnation point between the bench top and commercial levels of production.

Using the HCDS project as a developmental model,

Mr. Novak envisions making "Nova-Kem" synonymous with the term Rapid Precursor Development™.

Drawing on scientist and mentor, Dr. Marek Boleslawski, and his extensive expertise and contacts in the international precursor community, the Nova-Kem Rapid Precursor Development™ (RPD) team will work both singularly and in collaboration with other precursor development teams around the world that typically do not have the mid-range scale up capabilities that Nova-Kem has attained. Strategic sales and marketing alliances with entities in the high tech industry will greatly augment the success of this initiative.

Rapid Precursor Development™