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About Nova-Kem

Rapid Precursor Development™

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For years, Nova-Kem founder and CEO Reno Novak, recognized the need for a bridge between the research & development phase of a product and commercial scale production.  Capitalizing on the insight gained from over a quarter of a century of synthesizing chemicals, Illinois-based niche chemical supplier ProChem, Inc., has developed a proprietary process for manufacturing and purifying hexachlorodisilane (HCDS).  

This product currently serves as a critical new precursor for next generation semiconductor memory device production. A globally recognized name in the production of memory devices has already adopted HCDS in their high volume manufacturing (HVM) processes for memory device production.  Many of the world’s highest profile industries including semiconductor, flat screen, fiber optic, and solar may be able to utilize HCDS in the development of commercial products. 

Seizing on this opportunity, ProChem has spun off to form Nova-Kem, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company, that will initially focus on the scale up and production of HCDS.  Following this and building on the best practices processes Mr. Novak developed at ProChem, the HCDS commercialization will act as the model for Rapid Precursor Development™ and for next generation high-tech, high-volume commercial production applications.

Mission Statement

A void exists between the needs of industry for high-tech material solutions and the time that it takes to bring these precursors to market. Nova-Kem’s mission is to fill this void and become a world leader in the identification, development, and scale up of commercially viable precursors for the high-tech industry. Performing with speed and agility, the name Nova-Kem will become synonymous with the term Rapid Precursor Development™ (‘RPD™’). To this end, we are committed to the professional growth of our employees, a consistent return to our shareholders and the firm belief that hard work and fun are not mutually exclusive.

Rapid Precursor Development™